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The Future Living Studio (FLS -Hanoi) is the third iteration of this research project by the Sustainable Product Innovation Network (SPIN – http://www.spin-asia.org). FLS )(www.futurelivingstudio.com) investigates and embeds sustainable innovation in the local product and manufacturing industry.


It is a multilayered project that looks at end to end cycles of materials, suppliers production processes, user-life and the life after the user. Beyond this the project is developing relationships and exploring how sustainable modes of production can be embedded in industry through cross cultural skills exchange. In affect using this project and client as a prototype for a long term mission to embed and disseminate sustianable practice within Vietnamese product design industry.

This third chapter will be working with our client to develop a product series from bamboo and rattan for a Vietnamese green office. Green offices embed sustainable design and practice in the way in which the office is constructed and utilised. A core aspect is that the office is a enjoyable place to work – a productive, creative community as opposed to a chore and a brain drain.

Macquarie_Clive Wilkinson

We are currently engaging bamboo product suppliers and mapping their sourcing, preparation, assembly and distribution process and identifying opportunities in terms of environmental and social resilience. Of course such objectives here as much as anywhere need to be economically viable – sustainability is a lens however the solutions in the end must be economically profitable and possible for local suppliers to continue with once our design team is long gone.

There are incredible strengths and diversity within the industry here – a mixture of traditional and industrial practices and artisan skills. Beyond this the localised modes of production are far better than Australia. However as a developing Asian city the visibility of manmade environmental damage is overwhelming (curiously our Australian clean streeted cities are far worse in terms of pollutants).

Ideation process

This begs the question what really is sustainable practice, how can you encourage strengths and create alternative pathways where necessary?

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SPIN is a program developed by DELFT University in collaboration with AIT, EU-SWITCH ASIA, United Nations Development Program


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We’d really like to know what you think about the Great Ocean Road Resilience Zone vision. Help us get to 15 comments by the end of today! 

Tell us about a project you would like to see funded by the resilience zone. Instructions:


this link:http://anglesea2037.com/visualisations/great-ocean-road-resilience-zone-2/ 


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YERTLab: Expression of Interest

Yarra Energy Foundation – YERTLab: Expression of Interest

Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) are inviting sustainability based businesses to join them in creating the Yarra Energy Reduction Target Laboratory (YERTLab) – a carbon neutral hub that will bring together businesses under one roof to work and co-innovate to reach YEF’s target of carbon zero for the City of Yarra by 2020.

YERTLab is planned to be in Collingwood and will involve a full retrofit of a 3500m2 factory to transform it into a flagship for retrofit, sustainable building and ongoing management, along with community integrated services.

YEF are currently discussing with pertinent organisations and businesses the details of this opportunity and have opened an Expression of Interest for tenancies.  If you are interested please go to yef.org.au to download the PDF. For further information email john.shone@yef.org.au or call 0408 429 095 to set up a meeting to explain our vision further.

YEF is a not for profit established by the Yarra City Council to enable the municipality to become carbon neutral by 2020. YEF’s main focus is sustainability through business development and developing the required partnerships to facilitate this municipality scale opportunity.



This gallery contains 12 photos.

Benches for the Upmarket as part of the Long Table concept. Flatpacked. Recycled 12mm Marine Ply.  Available for order – $160 per bench + delivery. Dimensions: 1200mm x 300mm Design direction/curation_Lean Too.  Designer/Maker_Rohan Bevan

Signed sealed delivered

Table tops delivered. Door frames with inset pieces made from boat shells. Underneath routed to for Ikea’s standard trestle. Custom maker: Ben Carroll
Beautiful. Storable. Eco. Custom.

700mm x 2700mm. Available for order $1500 each.